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Face your biggest enemy.I have been facing my high school for a couple of months, and it is sure DEPRESSING. Yes, depressing. I got tired easily, got no motivation, and all I do everyday is reflecting about how worse my life is now. I thought it was because of the pressure from outside, from my school subjects, from my scores, or even from my friends. But I was wrong. It is because of ME.MYSELF.I.

I know this may sounds weird, but I have been arguing with myself for the whole months since I started my high school. Everyday, I just lay on my bed doing nothing, but inside my heart and head, a big war is going on. I'm thinking about this and that, but the actual problem is not that. It is actually myself.

You see, what I have been thinking (or imagining) in my head is me, facing the problems, and I always imagine myself in the losing or disadvantage side. This is why, everytime I argue with myself, my moods are ruined. Because I have the image of myself in my head that I already lost, I can't, and it's impossible to hold on like this.

"Your own worst enemy is the image you have of YOURSELF in your head."

This is why I always told my mom and dad, I need external support, to help me maintain my motivations, and help me avoiding negatives thoughts. But then I realize, I am all alone now, the only person I can depend on now is myself, because the person who will always be there for you when others not, is not your friends, not your family, but you, yourself. The only person that will be there, when you are sad, alone, and feels like nobody cares, remember that you still have yourself, and if you give up on yourself, then you lost all the support you can have.

"The only person that will always be there for you, is not your friends, not your family, but you, yourself."

So now, as I reflect this, I realize that I must start value myself more, start change the image I have of myself in my head, and if I can overcome that, I'm sure your worst enemy will become your strongest supporter.

Don't forget that God is also there with you, and He does not want you to think lowly of yourself, especially if you give up on yourself. Remember He has the best plan for your future, so don't give up.

There will always be anything that wants to bring you down, maybe it's your school, your friends, your scores, but the only one who can give them permission to do so is you, if you don't let them bring you down, then they won't :) How to do that? Just ignore them and imagine yourself at the very best.

"Never forget that what you must always visualize is YOU at your MOST POWERFUL."


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