Sep. 15th, 2014

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Life sometimes sucks, right? There will always be a point in your life that you feel like, how far can my life get worse? You know like, I want to go far away and take a break from this exhausting events that is happening in my life now. You might even try to question "God, this is too much, I cannot bear it anymore, when is it my turn to be happy?"

Well, in life, you will experience those kind of stuffs, pain, heartbreaks, unmotivated, stress, all the bad stuffs. But you know, it's not like your "suffering" will last forever. There will always be a time where you can get happy, where you can really enjoy life.

But then, how can we get through those painful moments? I will say, that it will drain you a lot. Both mentally or physically. But what you might want to try is to be thankful, even when you're in the midst of despair. You might think I'm mad, I know, but just start to do it anyway. Don't look how big or many your problems are, but how far you have travel your journey as a person. How much blessings you get, how much hardships that you finally overcame. There are a lot of things that you can be grateful of, instead of grieving on how bad your life is now.

But hey, I know it's not that easy to practice. You may be weak by yourself. But remember, God won't let you travel alone, He will accompany you through this. He also might send you a person or people who will always be there for you, supporting you in any way they can. Be grateful for that. God wants you to be happy, but at the same time He also wants you to grow as a person.

So be thankful in any situation, you will be much more happier and less burdened that way.


willzark: Heya there! (Default)

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