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I finally finished my high school years. It kinda felt like a fast ride. I do think that Janet's Law really does apply to this world in which she stated that the older you are, the faster time flies around you. I still remember when I was still on my elementary years, time felt so slow that I felt I had a bunch of time for myself. I can't say the same thing now. I've grown so much that my activities scaled up and thus stealing my precious times.

One thing I can say, I learnt a lot from my high school experiences. People said that high school years will be the happiest years of your life, but I think that just isn't the case for me. While I do enjoy my high school years, at the same time, I feel lost. Things change so much in high school that I just can't stand how frustrating it is. People around me start to have their own groups (we call it gap) and that makes a lot things even worse. I personally do not like the idea of grouping, because I myself want to be with everybody, not only with one specific group. Because of that ideal, I found myself lost in the middle of many groups around my school. I do hang out with everybody, but it's just that I do not feel comfortable socializing, it's unwelcoming and different.

That confusion indulges myself to become a lone wolf in my high school years, making me unable to trust anyone around me beside my own self. A lot of things happened afterwards and in the end, I only found a few people around me worth to be mentioned as my "friends." I certainly don't like this idea, but high school taught me that the real world just will become that harsh. You cannot really befriends with all people and all you can do is select those who will always pursue to bring out the best in you, and most importantly, do not leave you when you are in a pinch. There are a lot of dramas happening around high school and that showed me how "fake" this world can be in the future. 

Sounds really like a hateful post about my teenage years, but I do actually want to thank all the people in my high school years to shape me in becoming who I am today. I myself feel that my "past self" in the junior high is way better than my "current self", having a lot more of positive mindsets and a happy-go-lucky attitude. But my current self have learned not to see things just by its cover, but dig it deeper to the truth. I find current self right now is highly aware of my surroundings and intuitive to analyze what will come next. A fair trade-off, but I would like to improve myself more.

All in all, my high school years have been like a roller coaster to me. Now I will step on towards my University years, in which I know will pose greater challenges and unknown threats in the future. I will hold my head up and continue to walk forward, no regrets. Yeah, seems kinda like it.

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