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So, this is the very first time I write outside my comfortable room in Indonesia. That's right, I'm now at Hong Kong, trying to pursue my dream to become a computer scientist. As I scroll down through my 2013 post I realize so much has happened to my life. Looking back to my journey, I've always been quite rebellious in almost everything. My high school years I was quite outspoken about the school system and trying to change something is not that easy. Following that, I try to fight my way through the university in just a nick of time and fight my way out of Indonesia, trying to pursue my dream to study abroad. My dream to study in the USA did not materialize but I got here in Hong Kong, the place I dream if I am to study in Asia.

So here I am, typing my year in review after my first semester ends. So, how was it? It was disastrous. This is actually the first real step I take to really get out of my comfort zone, living alone in a country I am not familiar with. Bringing all my bad habits from my high school, my university simply destroyed me with a lot of stuff (grades, in general). Sometimes I am jealous of my friends in Indonesia, still retaining their usual habits but doesn't really have any problems with their studies. Some of them even play dota almost everyday and here I am, studying in the library for 24 hours straight (in fact I slept there).

But at the end, I feel grateful. The harsh life studying abroad forces me to change for the good. I've never done laundry all by myself until now, cook by myself, and even shop for food ingredients. Such small lessons really shape me to become more independent. For studies, I really need to change my study habits and revise daily in order not to get stressed like this semester (hopefully I can change next year).

More than that, now I have people I can share my life with. Coming here I have always been a lone wolf, trying to bear everything on my own. But when I get here, I met a church called HMCC in which I can really feel what's it like to worship God like the early churches did. This is the first time I experienced true positive community that grows in the right direction (which is one of the reasons I write this review!) and looking back all of my posts, this is what I've been looking for. To actually be in a community that I can share everything with, including my sadness and happiness. It's amazing how God works and answers my prayer.

All in all, the past few years have been a roller coaster that moves downward for me. It has been challenging and tiring. But I always cling into 1 bible verse. John 13:7 - "You do not realize what I am doing, but later you will understand." Because you can only connect the dots looking backward! and my life experience have proved that no matter how hard my life gets. I'm still walking on my WasteLand trying to pursue my dream, but I believe during my times in the wasteland God shapes me to be ready for His plan for me ahead.
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