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 Hey. The one that is going to leave teenage years and become one step closer to a fully grown man. It is crazy how time move so fast, isn't it? So before you finally turn 20 tomorrow, let us say something to you. Yeah, us. The people who probably know you the most, the ones who are always with you, understands you at your best and are there when you are at your worst. We are you and you are us. As the last version of your teenage self, let me represent other 18 versions of yourself and leave a note for you to remember as you enter your 20s.

You are horrible. Self-righteous, people pleaser, complainer, and master procrastinator. You are the most indecisive person we've ever encountered. Overthinking too much and a masochist. Childish, overly emotional, selfish. You know very well that you are degrading yourself as a person as you got older. Remember when you were 13? 14? Those junior high school times. You were at your best. But that's okay. Looking up to your past will not change anything, all of us agree on that. 

However, inside you are truly gentle. Always tries to bring out the best out of people. You see people positively and you want to believe that they all have good intentions inside. We know best. How life brings you down, how your heart grows hard over time, and how you are tired. Tired of pretending, tired of being everyone's Willy Khosuma. 

All those struggles, don't be defeated by it. We, 18th and 19th, walked down the wrong path. We thought as we go towards university, we can create a new identity. We changed to the worse. Where's the Willy who led Gloria's Student Council? Where's the charismatic speaker that spoke with passion? Where's the ambitious guy who won't back down even if he needed to fall every time? We lost it. We became dull. We made a lot of excuses. We drifted away from God. 

So, as you are turning 20, don't make the same mistakes as we do. You are not a teenager anymore, you are not supposed to be overly emotional, childish, or selfish any more. Rebuild yourself at this stage. You feel uncomfortable doing something? That might be an indicator that you actually NEED to do that. I can only write. That's the only thing I am capable at. I am hoping that in your 20s, you will write less and do more. Put your dreams into action. 

Remember in 2017: Stay Committed & No Complaining. 

Happy early birthday. We all love you. We want you to be the best version of yourself. Thank you for the great 19 years, we leave the rest to you, 20. 
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