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 So, another year has passed. It overwhelms me on how time flies so fast, and I'm going to turn 17 after this. But first let me first review my year. Basically, 2013 was quite a disappointing year for me, my scores went down, I got lazier, skinnier, I did many stupid mistakes. It sure is a year full of flaws. Owing to those "experiences" I actually got many lessons to reflect too.

I did quite a lot new activities that I've never done before. Like hosting a valentine's dinner, making scrapbooks, leading a team directly in a program, facing school authorities, getting yelled at. Wow, it seems like quite an achievement (for me.) In 2013 I started to stretch myself out of my comfort zone. I never host a valentine's dinner, it takes a lot of time and energy, but I done it anyway. I never make any scrapbooks, it's confusing and tiring, but I done it anyway. I never lead a team directly, it is frustrating, but I done it anyway.

Though it is true that I'm not doing well academically in 2013, I got many lessons from activities I do, and it kinda pays off. Now I know even though I think something is hard to be done, but if I just try to get through it, then it is not as difficult as I assume. I just need to learn to start doing things that is beneficial for me. Reading books, studying, I seriously lack general knowledge and my scores are just epic failure.

2013 was the year of small step, giant leap for me. I started to experience many things I never experience before, I fail at something I thought I am capable of, but I did start to step out from my comfort zone. It was my first step. It does feel uncomfortable, many challenges ahead, but it doesn't matter, as long as I continue walking.

It was the year full of flaws, but also rich of experience and lessons.

2014 is gonna be even more challenging and exhausting, but that's what ahead of you when you try to get out of your comfort zone right? It is a good signal but a tough assignment. I must get ready to welcome the first step towards my wasteland! Happy new year folks!


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