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2012-09-07 07:12 pm
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Dreams - Reality behind an Illusion

"Dwelling in the most beautiful yet confusing world~"

Dreams, what is it? An unbearable Illusion maybe? Or maybe it's a reality that slips within those illusions?

No one ever knows.. It's hard to interpret too.. But as a human being, we need to have at least one.. One Dream.. Maybe it's something we ought to achieve, or maybe a stage in life that we want to reach..

But why? why do we need one? is this "dream" something so important?

Well, it depends.

If you want to be someone or sought something important, then YES you NEED Dreams.

"Embrace your dreams, if you WANT to be a HERO, you need to have dreams." -Zack Fair

Hero? Seems childish.. But I'm sure that what Zack means of hero is more than it's definition literally.

Hero.. Hero is someone important.. He/She is recognized.. Not always all people recognized them, but they're highly respected, and people dearest to them look up to them.. They have achieved something in their life that will always be remembered.. Maybe it's honor, sacrifice, help, or anything.. And the most important thing is, they have live their life with purpose, and they usually will be satisfied with their lives..

Just in case

So, how can these "Heroes" achieve something that great? Simple. Because they have dreams. We may say that dreams only are illusion that we create within our mind, hoping that someday we can achieve "it". But if you look deeper, your dreams are also a reality, if you are serious enough about it.

“Everything you can imagine is real.” -Pablo Picasso

Yes, everything.. Literally, you can be anything you want.. Because God has given us so much potential, but remember, use it wisely, so you will have no regrets later..

Everything starts with a dream.. Because with a dream we have a purpose.. This purpose, will drive us to take action, and make what we say "an illusion in our mind" become "a reality in front of our eyes."

Remember, what you see in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.

"Dreams are reality inscribed in illusions, you just need to find it and make it a reality."